What's Behind the Moon Vol I&II

The story of the quiet, suburban community of Seaville, CA and the hunt for a serial arsonist continues in this the 3rd novel (Part 1) of the Seaville Wildfire Trilogy.

Join all of the characters from the first two novels, and new characters who move in to the story, as the plot takes another huge left turn in to the evolution of a 21st Century community, the conditions that produce wildfires, the causes of arson, the human struggle between eros and thanatos, the struggle for power and control, Dr. Aginsky's concept of the transformation of energy, and the discovery of a new high grade oil underneath the Seaville Valley.  As Dr. Roger Sterling works to find his kidnapped children, he quickly learns about all of this, and the fact that there is much more to his community than he had ever imagined.

Just as a wildfire can break open vegetation that has laid dormant for years, so too a wildfire can break open the secretes of a community.  What's really behind the moon is becoming increasingly apparent as the entire Seaville Valley becomes engulfed in a huge firestorm, and the community struggles to survive it's own destructive impulses.

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