From the Other Side of the Moon

Arson is a very difficult crime to track because it is done in secret, there are usually no witnesses, and the evidence has almost always been burned up.  Approximately 15% of arson cases are committed by a serial arsonist.

During a recent October, just north of Los Angeles, The City of Seaville, California has been experiencing the work of a serial arsonist, eight wildfires in a month.  Increasingly frustrated over the lack of forensic evidence that would provide any leads, Fire Chief, Richard Bradford, turns to psychoanalyst, Dr. Roger Sterling, who suggests a rather revolutionary idea; that a serial arsonist could also be tracked through the dynamics of the mind.

What begins as a journey of survival when he realizes that his own children are trapped in their home by a wildfire, and their nanny is lying motionless on the garage floor.  Join a list of fascinating characters: Dingo, a homeless man suffering from psychosis, four runaway teenage girls, Buddy a revolving door psychiatric patient, Big Bad bob, a former professional wrestler who manages a local coffee shop, Mr. W., a compulsive gambler, Kyle a jilted teenage boy, Dr. Sterling's colleague, CB, in Tennessee, and a lone character who roams the Seaville Valley at night, as the drama for survival unfolds in the community.

Keep in mind that this is only the beginning.  The yearly problem of wildfires wil soon be opening the door into deeper issues in the quiet community of Seaville, California.

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