I, Leighton J Reynolds, was brought up in the heartland of wildfires in Southern California, and have seen firsthand the destructive power of a wildfire and its aftermath. The experience of being evacuated from my home during a major wildfire, prompted me to research the cause of wildfires, their behavior under the influence of various parameters, and arson and fire science in general. I gathered a lot of information from arson investigators and the fire fighter in Los Angeles County.

Wildfires are no longer seasonal as they once were. They are now a round the year occurrence threatening lives and livelihoods of many. The three essential components needed to start and sustain a wildfire are wind, dry fuel on the ground and high temperatures. These three are on the rise throughout the world and so are wildfires. From the Other Side of the Moon is a fictional story revolving around a serial arsonist and a threatened community trying to find and stop the miscreant.

Opting for fiction rather than non-fiction, allows me to create an interesting narrative that will give readers an insight into wildfires at the right time. With my background as Doctor of Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience, and as a practicing Psychoanalyst in Southern California, I work to hunt the arsonist by using the dynamics of the mind along with forensic evidence.

In creating a psychological thriller, I have ventured to write a suspense filled mystery novel, with sexual abuse, extreme weather and fire fighters fighting the wildfire. The characters created in narrating the story and the primal scenes in this work of fiction, will keep you wanting to know more, and to turn the page.

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