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From the Other Side of the Moon is written as a fictional psychological thriller that is loaded with suspense, mystery and intrigue. The work broaches the subjects of psychoanalysis, neuroscience, fanaticism, wildfires, arson, and in general the fire science.

I have chosen fiction over non-fiction because, woven around a good story, it allows me to highlight the more frequent occurrences of wildfires around the globe that are affecting lives and livelihoods of men, women and children. In the narrative, we are trying to track down a serial arsonist who is igniting a spate of wild fires, to get to him and to prevent him from causing greater harm than he already has, we use the dynamics of the mind as much as forensic, circumstantial and coincidental evidence.

Three components that are needed to start and escalate a wildfire are wind, dry fuel on the ground and high temperatures. With phenomena like global warming and El Nino, these parameters are on the rise worldwide. The Boxer Day Tsunami of 2004 has made us realize that science and technology, no matter how advanced, by themselves cannot prepare us for tackling nature's fury. 

In trying to get into the mind of the arsonist, I have drawn on my background in psychoanalysis and neuroscience. I have grown up in the heart of wildfire country in Southern California, and was evacuated from my home when a wildfire was raging. That prompted me to research the subject in-depth. Time spent with arson investigators and the experienced and ever helpful fire fighters of Los Angeles County were very helpful.

Laced with romance, sexual exploitation and abuse, extreme weather and the primal scene, From the Other Side of the Moon creates intriguing characters that makes the story a suspenseful page turner. They are a part of the community threatened by the arsonist and his agenda to jeopardize their existence, and are determined to find the arsonist and prevent a major wildfire and all its ramifications.

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